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Security Management - Trustwave SIEM Portfolio Security Solutions

Trustwave SIEM Portfolio

SIEM technologies are helping businesses improve compliance management, and helping safeguard them from data breaches and fraud. Proactively "seeing" and preparing for evolving and advanced and persistent threats, and minimizing the impact of those threats by enabling you to collect, analyze, and assess security and non-security events for rapid identification, prioritization, and response are core benefits of our SIEM solutions.
Reduce Cost and Enhance Security
When you choose a Trustwave Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to monitor and protect your data, you get superior quality and mature security and compliance coverage.
A Unified Security Approach
Trustwave SIEM solutions help businesses of all sizes protect their environment as part of both organizational compliance and defense-in-depth security strategies. We offer a variety of SIEM deployment options including software, managed security services and appliances that:


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