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E-mail Security - SendSecure Security Solutions

Trustwave’s SendSecure:
Emails transmitted in plain text make it simple for an attacker to intercept and compromise data. To solve this many email encryption products use traditional standards like S/MIME or OpenPGP. However, these encryption methods can be difficult to implement and maintain, because users must first exchange credentials with their intended recipients and require special software to work. This can be a barrier for deployment in some organizations.
Trustwave SendSecure (formerly named M86 SendSecure and replacing M86 Secure Email Service) solves this problem by hosting sensitive email messages on a secure Web portal, allowing employees to send secure messages to any email recipient in the world – without requiring the exchange of any keys or certificates. Plus, no special software is required to receive these messages — only an Internet connection and a Web browser. Simple for your employees and secure for your organization.

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