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Content Security Security Solutions

Trustwave’s Data Loss Prevention solutions:
Trustwave's Data Loss Prevention
Trustwave Data Loss Prevention solutions are for organizations in all industries that need to safeguard intellectual property and customer and proprietary data in motion, at rest and in use.
We offer an extensive suite of detection and analysis capabilities, Trustwave's DLP Solution identifies, classifies, correlates, captures and stops information outflow. With visibility and control across the entire network, Trustwave's DLP provides maximum protection against state and federal compliance violations, customer data loss, intellectual property theft, insider hacker activity, fraudulent employee lawsuits, inappropriate Internet usage and corporate espionage.
Trustwave Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solutions
Trustwave Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions help organizations align the protection of sensitive data to strategic business objectives, corporate security policies and compliance-driven mandates. Accurately identifying relevant data to support these objectives is a key component for implementing an effective DLP solution.
Trustwave offers the only DLP solution capable of delivering protection against data loss by leveraging the value of information. Trustwave's suite of solutions helps ensure that sensitive and confidential data is shared, used, stored and transmitted appropriately.
Protecting Intellectual Property
A data loss event concerning intellectual property can be devastating to an organization's brand and reputation; therefore safeguarding proprietary data is critical. Trustwave's DLP solution set has the most advanced capabilities focused on protecting an organization's unique proprietary and intellectual property.
Demonstrating Compliance
Our suite of DLP solutions share the same highly accurate content analysis and detection engine, which may be combined with pre-defined, out-of-the-box Risk Categories. The categories are configured for organizations to demonstrate compliance with state data privacy laws, or mandates such as GLBA, SOX, HIPAA and PCI DSS.

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