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Our Mission - to empower business focus on the key drivers by enabling seamless IT processes throughout the organization.

Our goal - to provide complex solutions to various business challenges, based on innovative technologies from our partners and applying the best IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) practices. We provide end-to-end solutions in Virtualization, Infrastructure, Information Security and Risk Assessment.  The knowledge and experience we have in ITSM helps our team to provide  radical assessment of overall IT environment, relate to business requirements, and envision a roadmap for the implementation of highly effective solutions.

Keeping our service to perfection is a constant objective of our company and we are committed to delivering unique quality within the timeframe desired by the customer The practice we have gained in multinational companies allows us to model a range of inventive projects to completely satisfy our customers' needs. By concentrating our efforts on a range of de facto industry standards, such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), ISO20000, ISO 2700x, MOF, CMMI and CobiT, we are flexible in applying best of breed custom offerings. Our target is to discover the risks, assess and control them to ensure credibility of IT operations to business functions of the organization.


HP Products and Technologies

As companies shift their focus from cost cutting to innovation, they need to quickly offer new business services that give them a competitive advantage. To manage effectively IT operations, you must understand that your organization is measured by the value it delivers to the business. And you must know that it is hard to explore new technologies and find new ways to increase business value if your team spends most of its time dealing with day-to-day activities.

Microsoft Products and Technologies

Service CENTRIX Ltd. delivers a variety of services and solutions based on Microsoft Products and Technologies. Our team can help develop, implement and support applications and technologies relating to communication and collaboration, messaging, customer relationship management and to select and effectively deliver the right project portfolios.

Datacenter Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure Optimization (IO) helps organizations better understand and strive for a more secure, well-managed, and dynamic core infrastructure that will help enable them to reduce their overall IT costs, make better use of IT resources, and make IT a strategic asset for the business.
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Service Centrix is a Gold UiPath Partner